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Anti Shop Lifting Systems
STC2000 PDF Print E-mail

Operates on 120 VAC, includes the following:, 1 - Solo system 1.990 MHz (STC2000),
500 - Black Omni plastic hard tags (STC2001), 500 - Flat head tacks (STC211),
1 - Detacher (STC500), Installation and User Manuals
STC651 PDF Print E-mail

Permanently deactivates all deactivatable 8.2 MHz RF labels from any manufacturer.
Solid mechanical design and proven electronics give years of maintenance free operation.
STC210 PDF Print E-mail

Hardened 5/8" flat head steel pin, may be used with any RF hard tag.
Has grooved shaft for increased holding power.
STC3022 PDF Print E-mail

High security 6" PVC coated galvanized steel lanyard,
used to attach any plastic hard tag to items that have handles
or are irregular shaped such as luggage, handbags, sporting goods, etc.
Hardened stainless steel groove pin attached to one end allows quick
application to merchandise.
STC500 PDF Print E-mail

Low cost surface mounted magnetic detacher designed to remove all industry
standard tags and ink tag clutches. Made of solid aluminum with black hard coat
finish. Includes mounting hardware

STC1050 PDF Print E-mail

The Black Mini tag is a high security 3 ball clutch lock and is slightly larger
than SenTechs original STC1050-1 Black Mini giving greater detection
performance and superior tack holding power.


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