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Barriers and door automation
RTD-03S PDF Print E-mail

The elegant winged design of this turnstile is distinguished by high durability
and injury-free operation, which makes its use long-lived and safe.
The electric drive provides smooth, noiseless and inertia-free rotation.

WMD-04S PDF Print E-mail

This gate is ideal for indoor applications requiring free access in one direction and banned access in the other.
Its elegant design presents a secure and stylish solution that can blend into entrances of office,
shopping and showroom facilities, airports and other passenger terminals, etc.

TTD-03 PDF Print E-mail

The TTD-03.1 turnstile is designed to maintain access control to industrial and office
facilities, banks, shops, transport terminals, etc.
High throughput capacity allows its use for heavy pedestrian traffic.

TTR-04 PDF Print E-mail

The TTR-04.1 turnstile is designed with the control logic board installed inside the turnstile housing.
A dedicated Fire Alarm control input and choice between pulse and potential control modes assure correct
turnstile operation with most existing access control systems.

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