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Cash in transit & cash carrying
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Smokenote Systems with Tracer-dots render the contents spoils of a raid
traceable to the criminal, while attracting the attention of witnesses.

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The VIPER Stand Alone has been designed to eliminate pavement risk for CIT
companies using armoured cars and for the protection of both valuables and staff.

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The VTC Valuables Transport Box utilises smoke/dye and is an economical
solution to cover CIT pavement risk.

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The SAT MC with money slot is designed specifically for stationary use.
The money can be deposited in single notes or in bundles of up to 50
banknotes, open or in envelopes, without opening the security briefcase.

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The SAT Security Briefcase with smoke/dye or Security Ink dye profile and bag
ripper fitted safeguards your valuables during transport as well as on site.
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The SAT-DATA Security Briefcase safeguards your documents and electronic data/media
during transport and also on site as well as the courier against attack, misuse and duress.
In the event of an attack, the security device burns and corrupts the case contents,
making them worthless and unreadable/unusable.


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