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Comart HICAP25 DVR Board is 4 channel DVR (digital Video Recording) System.
Supports 30 frames per seconds, Live display and Live Recording with High Quality
MPEG-4 Compression. Comart System Ltd has designed and manufactured various
DVR products such as PC-Based, Stand-Alone, and Mobiel DVRs since 1996.


Model: HICAP25
TV Output: 1 TV Out (1Ch in Full Screen)
Video Input: 4 (Optional 8, 16)
Audio Input: 1 (PC Audio)
Display Rate (NTSC/PAL) fps: 30 / 25
Recording Rate (NTSC/PAL) fps: 30 / 25
Video Format: MPEG4
Limited Warranty: 1 year
Package: White Box

live streaming


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